WaterBox - Diesel Water Pump

Borterra WaterBox diesel powered Water pump for Wassara Fluid Power Drilling

The Borterra WaterBox water pump is designed specifically to power water hammer drills.  Download Brochure

  1. Compact Design - Self Contained in a robust 10' x 8' x 8' box.
  2. Clean and Fuel Efficient - Tier V Engine with Fuel Saver technology. Auto-engine idle.  No water flow over relief.
  3. Powerful and precise - Computer Controlled flow-on-demand.  From 12 to 120 GPM.  0-3,000 PSI (454 lpm and 204 bar)
  4. On-Board water surge tank (275 gal).  Run continuously, even if the water supply gets interrupted for 2-5 Minutes.  (1,040 litres).
  5. On-Board Water filtration.  10 micron bag filters ensure clean water which saves wear on hammers.
  6. Intuitive remote control.  Dial in and adjust flow while drilling.  One button Flushing.  Track water consumption and fuel level remotely.
  7. Secure.  Access to all controls, fuel, etc is behind locked doors.
  8. Serviceable - Everything inside is mounted on a skid which can be pulled out for major maintenance.
  9. All service parts are available online at www.BorterraSales.com.  Same or next-day shipping on most parts.

Contact Sales@BorterraSales.ca for more information.

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WaterBox Diesel Powered High Pressure Wassara Water Pump

WaterBox Diesel Powered High Pressure Wassara Water Pump


The Borterra WaterBox diesel water pump delivers water at a flow rate matched to the requirements of the Hammer. The drill operator uses a radio remote for precise control and feedback. The operator sets the flow they want to maintain and WaterBox delivers it precisely and efficiently. The color display on the control shows precise pressure and flow rates at all times. As the hole gets deeper or ground conditions change, the operator can make precise adjustments to maintain maximum penetration rate while ensuring repeatability and precision for each hole drilled.
WaterBox is self-contained and diesel-powered with a top-of-the-line EPA Tier 4F (Stage 5) diesel engine. Our proprietary digital control system manages the pump speed and engine throttle to maximize efficiency and fuel economy without sacrificing on available power.

Variable Flow adjustment from the WaterBox remote control